Helping Them Today

Making a donation

Donations can be made in support of this endeavor. Your contribution will help the fight against children cancer.
The execution of this initiative demands the unselfish participation of each and every one of us, whether in the form of financial support or volunteer labour. Let's ensure that every sick child has access to the best medical care and therapies. Together, let's support these young people who are merely asserting what should go without saying: their right to life.

You can donate in the following ways

  • With my credit online
  • By deposit to a bank account

Helping Them Today

Become a member

Member can become any:

  1. A natural person who has reached the age of eighteen and who agrees and accepts and supports in any way the purposes of the bourgeois non -profit company “HALKIA A hero for many … ¨
  2. Legal person inspired by the same principles and wishes to combine his social action with the purposes of the bourgeois non -profit company “HALKIA A hero for many …” in keeping with this statute.

Subscription can be paid online from the e-shop. There you will have the option to purchase with your credit card, direct deposit to the following account

CAN MAKE A BANK OF NIKOS HALKIA A hero for many, electronically or in an Alpha Bank store
IBAN: GR0401406240624002002015559

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