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¨¨ΝΙΚΟΣ ΧΑΛΚΙΑΣ ένας ήρωας για πολλούς…¨¨.

Είναι μια εταιρεία μη κερδοσκοπικού χαρακτήρα με στόχο την στήριξη παιδιών με νεοπλασματική ασθένεια και παιδιών που αντιμετωπίζουν σπάνιες παθήσεις.


Our goal

Our goal and vision...

Our goal is to promote and study the ways and methods of improving the quality of life of the sick as well as the maximum improvement of their health care, having the needs of the children in mind..

Our vision is all these children whose lives changed from one moment to the next and are called to fight for the self-evident, the right to live, to have access to appropriate treatment immediately and without obstacles.ότητα πρόσβασης στην κατάλληλη θεραπεία άμεσα και χωρίς εμπόδια.

Unfortunately, many times the bureaucracy resulting from the assessment of the risk of a childhood disease, the delay in the approval of a drug or even the high cost of a treatment that is not offered in Greece are some of these obstacles, which can be fatal in dealing with childhood cancer as well as in the treatment of a rare childhood disease.


NIKOS HALKIAS, our hero, who fought non-stop with a very rare form of childhood cancer is our source of strength. Our hero fought an unequal battle as the chances of survival were infinitesimal to zero, with only the love of life and for us his parents as his only weapon. And yet, a twelve-year-old boy taught us his parents what fighting, strength, love means. Our NIKOS looked the invisible enemy in the eyes and fought for his life and for us, not to upset us. The greatness of soul of our hero is the source of inspiration and creation of this vision.

We know very well what it means to have your life change from one moment to the next, what it means to fight a beast you can’t even see. But, we who so proudly declare ourselves the parents of NICO HALKIA also shout out loud that we will continue this war together. We promise you that we will be HERE for any child who asks us and for any parent who bends.

Any children who are called to take part in an unequal battle we will make sure that they have all the necessary munitions just as we took care of you, our hero.

We are sure that we will achieve a lot because, as we said, our source of energy is you, our hero. In this unequal battle NIKO, your greatness of soul made many people aware. Many were those who sometimes gave blood and sometimes platelets and at the same time sent countless messages of love simply knowing your struggle, your stubbornness and your strength. The feeling of support, solidarity and contribution that you, our hero, awakened in many people is enormous.

That’s why we say our vision is big but the love of the world is great and our source of energy is inexhaustible.

So we are sure that all these can make the VISION REALITY.

The urban non-profit company ¨NIKOS HALKIAS a hero for many...¨¨. has the following purposes: